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Paula Arthur, M.S., Ed. is a certified Parent Coach, a licensed School Psychologist and a parent. In her years of working with children and families, Paula has experienced children being identified in school as having difficulties academically yet often there is also a social/emotional component to the child’s academic struggles. In addition, since children who are in school continue to be influenced by their families in general and parents specifically, Paula has found that it can be very beneficial to address the connection between a child’s social/emotional struggles and how things are going within the family.

Paula believes that providing parents with information about the emotional needs of children and offering strategies that help support those needs results in more effective parenting, including parenting that feels loving and caring to both the parent and the child. Paula also believes that children genuinely want to do what’s expected and appropriate because in addition to wanting to follow “rules” at home and school, it feels better to them. However, because their emotional needs sometimes get in the way, it can appear as though they don’t know how to exhibit appropriate behavior or that they’re being oppositional.

Paula connects easily and comfortably with parents and provides information, support and encouragement in ways that empower parents to be the type of parent they want to be, that feels good and that helps create a more peaceful family environment.

Education & Experience

Paula received her bachelor’s degree from St. Catherine University and her master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. She has been a certified Parent Coach for 6 years, a licensed School Psychologist for 19 years and a parent for 22 years. Paula is currently a School Psychologist in the Eden Prairie Schools. In the fall of 2010, her quest to provide support for parents who wanted to learn more about how to manage challenging behaviors in their child(ren) led her to create and facilitate a parent support group using strategies based on Present Moment Parenting. Paula has also co-facilitated staff trainings that focused on ways to identify social/emotional needs in children, particularly when expressed through challenging behaviors, and how to most effectively support those needs and at the same time address the challenging behavior. Additionally, during the past 2 years, Paula has given power point presentations for a Mom’s ROCK group, for an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Parent Connection group and also as part of a Parent Seminar series offered through the Eden Prairie Schools Early Childhood program on topics such as Anxiety in Children and How to Manage Challenging Behaviors in Children.

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