Trauma Therapy

Experiencing a traumatic event can be overwhelming and can result in changes to how you think, feel and even choices you make. You may find yourself “on edge,” unable to relax or you may find it difficult to engage in life in the same way. Some responses to trauma can leave one feeling alone and vulnerable. This does not need to be a life sentence. It is possible to resolve traumatic experiences and lead a fuller, more meaningful life.

How Somatic Experiencing® can help you.

Changes Counseling’s trauma therapy utilizes an understanding of trauma and more specifically the nervous system to improve regulation and heal from trauma. Changes Counseling incorporates Somatic Experiencing® into the treatment of trauma and chronic stress.  Somatic Experiencing® is an approach that uses neuroscience to understand what happens when we experience overwhelm as a result of a traumatic event or ongoing chronic stress. Humans, like animals, have a series of survival responses built in to their Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). It is through the autonomic nervous system that we can restore natural regulation and a sense of safety and peace.

Somatic Experiencing® is an intervention that will include talking however, instead of the focus being solely on processing material cognitively and emotionally, there is an invitation to notice the body’s experience to the material. The goal is to allow and support the body to move through the survival responses and return to feelings of peace and ease. We will work together and at a pace that is right for you and your nervous system to process and integrate the traumatic event. You will find your reaction to this difficult event to become less intense and you will begin to experience a sense of being able to manage what once felt unmanageable.