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What is parent coaching? Paula Arthur, our Parent Coach, has been a parent for over 25 years and she understands that parenting includes times of enjoyment and gratification as well as times of feeling overwhelmed and unsure. She also realizes that when children exhibit challenging behaviors, this uncertainty often results in a tendency to focus on getting the behavior to stop, which often results in parents feeling exhausted and guilty. A more effective, long-term and loving approach that feels good to both you and your child is to determine what need your child has that’s contributing to the behavior.

In addition to providing insight about your child’s challenging behaviors, Paula will support you in learning parenting skills that are loving and effective. Based on the Present Moment Parenting approach, you’ll learn what a significant and meaningful difference it makes to focus on your child’s behavior when things are going well so that appropriate and expected behaviors are reinforced rather than giving attention and reinforcement to the challenging behaviors.

Parent Coaching Provides:

  • on-going and customized parenting support and guidance
  • information and insight about your child’s underlying emotional needs
  • effective parenting tools and strategies
  • an opportunity for you to gain clarity about potential barriers to effective parenting

In addition to providing individualized Parent Coach support, Paula is also available to give presentations on such topics as Anxiety in Children, How to Manage Challenging Behaviors and other topics per request.

Anxiety in Children

Is it anxiety? Is it ADHD? Is it age appropriate fears and behaviors?

Does your child seem to need more reassurance or comfort than other children? Is it difficult for your child to stay focused or to relax? In Paula’s 19 years as a school psychologist, some of the most common reasons parents contact her is because they’re concerned (and frustrated) that their child doesn’t seem to listen or follow directions, has difficulty focusing, is more clingy than other children the same age, tends to be a perfectionist and doesn’t transition easily from one activity to another. Understandably, parents feel frustrated when they discipline their child for these types of behaviors and it doesn’t seem to help. However, although it seems like discipline might be appropriate, if the child is actually experiencing anxiety-like symptoms, then consequences will not only be ineffective but will likely exacerbate the situation. A child who is feeling nervous/anxious/worried responds best to compassion and understanding. Learn about the similarities and differences between anxiety, ADHD and age appropriate fears as well as ways of managing them using reassurance and comfort as a loving, long-term, and effective behavior management approach.

How to Manage Challenging Behaviors in Children:

Do you feel overwhelmed about how to discipline your child in ways that are effective as well as loving? Do you want to be a more nurturing parent but don’t know how?

As parents, when we feel stressed and unsure about what to do when our child exhibits challenging behavior, we tend to focus on how to get the behavior to stop. However, figuring out what your child’s underlying need is and addressing that need is far more effective, particularly for the long-term.

Parenting can also seem as though a lot of time and energy is spent addressing negative behaviors rather than giving attention to your child when she/he is doing something positive. Present Moment Parenting offers ways to acknowledge positive behaviors in children as well as provides approaches to discipline that are effective and feel good to both the child and the parent. Gain insight about why children exhibit challenging behaviors including the most common unmet needs of children. Learn how to meet those needs as well as ways to parent that include effect discipline strategies so that parenting feels more gratifying and less overwhelming.

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