therapy services

Therapy Services

Counseling and therapy for mental health in the Twin Cities
Mental Health & Wellness Services

Therapy services for anxiety, depression, and trauma in Bloomington & Woodbury, MN

Changes Counseling offers therapy and wellness services to children, teens, and adults. At Changes Counseling our therapists know that change is not always easy, but together, change is possible. Learn how we can help.

teen counseling

Teen Counseling

Therapy for teenagers experiencing anxiety, trauma, or depression.

trauma therapy

Trauma Therapy

Counseling and therapy to reduce the impact of traumatic events.

depression treatment

Depression Treatment

Depression therapy can help you find hope, healing, and happiness.

anxiety therapy

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety therapy can help you find control and peace in your daily life.

child therapy

Child Therapy

Help for child anxiety, behavior problems, and low self esteem.

online therapy MN

Online Therapy

Access telehealth therapy services from the comfort of home

Online Therapy
mental health
Therapy can be the pathway

Treatment to improve mental health

Are you seeking a healthier life, free from overwhelm and distress? Therapy can be the pathway to well-being, offering tailored strategies to navigate life’s challenges. At Changes Counseling and Wellness Center, our approach focuses on empowering individuals and families through thoughtful, personalized therapeutic practices.

Personalized Healing Journey

Experience therapy that resonates with your unique challenges. Our services are customized to nurture your journey, whether dealing with anxiety, depression, or past traumas. We ensure that you or your family receive the care and understanding needed to foster healing.

Expert Guidance and Support

Our skilled providers offer guidance rooted in extensive training and empathy. Benefit from a supportive environment where you are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate emotional distress, enabling personal growth and resilience.

Empowerment and Active Engagement

We believe in unlocking the inherent healing potential within each individual. Our approach encourages active participation in the therapeutic process, ensuring that you are supported and respected in defining the right services and goals for your well-being.

Embarking on therapy with us means embracing a partnership aimed at enhancing your life’s quality, cultivating peace, happiness, and a strengthened sense of self.

Mental health services

Get therapy at our offices or online

Changes Counseling offers multiple ways to work with our therapists for your counseling, therapy, and wellness.