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Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety therapy can help you find control and peace

Are You Having Difficulty Managing And Controlling Your Anxiety?

Excessive worry may be hindering your daily life, work, and relationships, making you feel inadequate. Anxiety therapy can assist in managing these feelings, enabling calm and closer connections.

Overwhelm from work demands and emotional burnout might be making relaxation and sleep elusive. This could lead to heightened sensitivity, defensiveness, and physical anxiety symptoms like heart palpitations and muscle tension.

Social anxiety might be causing worry, self-consciousness, and fear of judgment, leading to negative thought patterns and hindering life progress and relationship building. Unexpected feelings of panic and being mentally preoccupied may also occur, possibly leading to harmful behaviors like substance abuse and isolation.

Anxiety therapy can help in developing coping strategies, enhancing confidence, and promoting calm, healthy responses to life’s challenges.

We offer Anxiety therapy at our Woodbury and Bloomington locations as well as online.

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Everyone feels anxious now and then

Anxiety can happen in a variety of ways
  • Facing Work or Relational Problems: Feeling anxious when encountering difficulties in professional or personal relationships.
  • Chronic Anxiety Issues: Continuous anxiety that hinders one from experiencing a fulfilling and peaceful life.
  • Feeling Vulnerable: Long-term feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty on managing emotions.
  • Uncertain Causes of Anxiety: Not being clear about what exactly is causing the anxiety.
  • Need for Sharing Fears and Feelings: It takes courage and strength to share one’s fears and feelings.
  • Genetic or Familial Factors: Anxiety might “run in the family,” or one may have grown up with anxious parents.
  • High Family Expectations or Achievement Focus: Growing up in an environment focused on high achievements or expectations causing feelings of inadequacy.
  • External Pressures and Stressors: Overwhelmed by life’s pressures, constantly evaluating oneself based on external expectations.
  • Inadequate Coping Skills: Current coping mechanisms may not be effective, leading to a search for better emotional relief strategies.
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Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Respond To Anxiety With Courage And Hope

An anxiety therapist can teach you skills that will allow you the opportunity to slow down and process what’s happening in your life, what triggers these reactions, and build insights that can help you manage challenging situations in a healthier way. 

At Changes Counseling and Wellness Center, we’ll support you to learn how to listen to the wisdom of your nervous system and process your thoughts to manage them differently—with less reactivity and emotional distress. 

To accomplish this, we’ll practice mindfulness to help you become aware of your thoughts and feelings in the present moment. 

Once we’ve brought awareness to what you’re sensing, we can focus on developing real-life solutions to distressing emotional states. This will allow you to remain grounded in difficult situations so that you can decide how to interpret and manage internal emotions and choose how you’ll respond.

We can also help you set boundaries so that you can manage situations that may be anxiety-producing with confidence and less fear, while prioritizing your needs and wants. 

With the right guidance and support, healing is possible, and anxiety doesn’t have to control your life. With the help of a trained therapist, you can learn to improve your confidence and sense of calm that can help you become more successful and maintain healthier relationships. 

You may have concerns about anxiety treatment…

I’m concerned I won’t be able to afford the sessions.

Your emotional health is as important as your physical health. Trying to cope with challenging emotional situations on your own is difficult. Working with an anxiety therapist will ensure you’ll acquire skills and techniques that will last a lifetime. If finances are an issue, we can discuss options.

I’m unsure anxiety therapy would help me.

You may have gone to therapy for your anxiety in the past and not seen results. Perhaps some issues were not addressed, such as past trauma or recurrent depression. Or maybe you didn’t develop a connection with your anxiety therapist which is essential to your treatment.

We strive to help our clients to work through the feelings that are keeping them stuck. We encourage you to give therapy another try to see if you get better results working with someone new who you can connect with and who can offer you evidence-based approaches to address your needs. Just because other treatments didn’t work for you then, it doesn’t mean it can’t work for you now.

I may not have the time to commit to sessions.

Making time for your emotional needs is essential to your overall well-being. We understand the challenges of fitting therapy sessions into an already busy schedule. We offer you the option to attend online therapy if it’s more convenient for you. Avoiding difficult feelings can keep you from living a more fulfilling life. Taking time for self-care is as important as a visit to the doctor.